Handmade Quality, Limited Production, Family Vibes

We are a family-run boutique winery, making handmade limited production wines, using only the finest grapes from our own vineyards, exploiting Stroumbi's rich soil.

Producing five different labels using the grape varieties Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, with our yearly production being limited to 1200 bottles. Our focus is on perfecting each bottle of wine for you to enjoy

But it’s not just about the wine-tasting. We want to make sure that you’ll experience a deep connection on so many levels, from where it comes, to how it's made and the very first drop, as well as the multiple ways to cherish each glass served.

Join us for a memorable wine experience

Enter the world of wine, learn the wine-making procedure and its mysteries, by visiting us at the heart of Stroumbi village! Enjoy a tasting experience in a majestic scenery, and capture the essence of pure nature!

Be part of the production, by giving us a helping hand while enjoying our wines!
Let's smash and press some grapes, taste the juice, fill up some bottles and cork them!

We assure you that the "hadjicharalambous experience" is something truly unique and special. A celebration of our core values and long lasting vision of our family.

Whether a curious newcomer or an educated connoisseur, book your place and let us guide you through a worth living adventure.

Your experience starts here