HCH Afternoon Bottling

Sign up and come over because we need you.

After months of maturation, the juice has now turned into wine, so the bottling process is next. Join us for the Bottling of our exclusive wines, drink with us, enjoy a meal and meet our family! 

The event starts at 17.00 with a tour of the winery, explaining all the needed steps of wine making, followed by the bottling process that takes up to 2 hours to be finished.. 

Each step is important and your help is going to be massive, while you learn the whole process of bottling by doing it! There are 6 stations of participation, and you can take part in each one. We have the sterilization station, the wine filler, the corker, the capsule heater, the label fixer and finally the cellar storage. 

Each bottle is unique, telling a different story by your touch! 

Participation is 50€ per person, including a lot of wine drinking in our beautiful scenery and delicious handmade pizza from our backyard wooden oven. 

So give us a call, book your place and live an experience like no other!

*for vegetarians, please inform us upon reservation
*order of priority shall apply
*a 30€ advance payment is required to secure your booking