HCH Wine Production - Grapes smashing

Let's turn the grapes into juice!

Following harvesting and the arrival of the grapes at the winery from our vineyards, it's time for the process of sorting and smashing to turn them into juice, to begin! Handpick the best quality of grapes, put them in the smasher and see the magic unfolding!

Oh the taste of that juice...!!

The event starts at 10am and the process takes up to 3 hours to be finished. 

Each step is important and your help is going to be massive! Every year is unique, telling a different story with the help of your touch! 

Participation is 50€ per person, including a lot of wine drinking in our beautiful scenery and of course home made cooked lunch of Cypriot delicacies. 

So give us a call, book your place and live an experience like no other!

*for vegetarians, please inform us upon reservation
*order of priority shall apply